Is Seeking Safety evidence-based?

     Yes. Click here for more on this.    

Can I conduct a study on Seeking Safety?

     Yes, studies of all kinds are welcome. For ideas, see research.  Also, the section outcomes, provides all published studies on Seeking Safety; these can serve as models for research design, assessment, and statistics.  We are also delighted to collaborate or consult on studies. 

Do you consult on research studies?

     Yes. Lisa and her team have many years' experience conducting psychotherapy outcome research. Please contact her at info@seekingsafety.org if you are interested in research consultation. We are also available to collaborate on studies, provide fidelity monitoring on studies, conduct the evaluation portion of a project, and if desired, can analyze your data and write it up for publication.

Can you write a letter of support for our grant?

     Yes. Please contact us to discuss what involvement would be helpful if you were to receive the grant (e.g., training? research consultation? evaluation? fidelity monitoring?). Also, please draft the exact letter you would like (do not send a sample letter that needs editing); and specify the deadline.

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