What future developments are planned for Seeking Safety?

     A variety of new ideas are underway.  These include: new translations, a self-help version, and ongoing research.  We also welcome your ideas; please email info@seekingsafety.org to offer suggestions.   

Are there other therapy models by Lisa?


w A Woman’s Addiction Workbook is provides a gender-based approach to addiction recovery for women. It has achieved positive results in one [outcome study]. It can be conducted either as a clinician-led model [A Woman’s Path to Recovery-nrepp] or a workbook-based model that clients do on their own.

w    A new model.  She is currently working on a new model that uses the same format and style as Seeking Safety, but is designed to address the past. It will be available in early 2009. If you would like to be notified when it comes out, please email info@seekingsafety.org (type “new model” in the subject line).

Can I suggest new ideas?

     We welcome your ideas. Contact us to offer your suggestions on new Seeking Safety developments.

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