Are the Seeking Safety materials public domain (free)?

     No; all are copyrighted. However, they are quite low cost. See orders. The original English language version of the book can also be obtained directly from booksellers (see next FAQ below).  

Can I copy the handouts?

     Yes, for "personal use" (see definition below and limited duplication license).   

     More: Guilford Press, which owns the Seeking Safety book copyright, offers the following description of how the book handouts can be copied: "An individual (1 person) can use the handouts without writing for permission. However, a clinic (or agency, program, institution) does not qualify as the 'individual purchaser.'  The Limited Photocopy License is quite specific about what can and can not be done. For clinics or multiple users we ask that they write for permission and tell us how many clinicians would use how many books. If it's only 2 or 3 we might approve this at no charge; otherwise we assess a small licensing fee or ask that they purchase additional copies of the book for multiple users. Part of the reasoning is we want clinicians to have all the necessary background information included in the text when using the handouts." For inquiries on this, contact Kathy.Kuehl@guilford.com or 800-365-7006, ext. 245. 

Is there an electronic version of the handouts or separate workbook version?

     No. Guilford Press, which owns the copyright, does not provide nor allow these other formats.  They believe that the handouts need to be used in conjunction with the clinician guidelines and thus do not want to separate them. The only electronic version is for the blind, for qualified individuals (www.rfbd.org).

Can I adapt the Seeking Safety book?

     Please note that adaptation is part of the model (click here for more on this). If, however, you are referring to publishing, researching, or distributing a changed version of Seeking Safety or parts of it (e.g., certain handouts), you will need to obtain written permission from Guilford Press in advance.  You can contact Guilford Press (800-365-7006, ext. 245), or you can go directly to their page (www.guilford.com, click "permissions"). Also, please contact us if you are interested in adapting the book. It can be very helpful to discuss this with Lisa to hear about options and prior adaptation issues.

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