Seeking Safety: 

A model to improve coping skills

Thank you for your interest in Seeking Safety, a model of counseling to help improve coping skills. It was originally developed for trauma, substance abuse, and/or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is also applied broadly to increase coping and stabilization.

This website offers the following sections:  

  • Seeking Safety 

    • About Seeking Safety

    • Reviews of the Seeking Safety book

    • How to obtain the Seeking Safety book (which includes client handouts and the clinician guide)

    • Sample Seeking Safety topics

    • Adapting / reprinting from Seeking Safety

    • Translated versions of Seeking Safety (Spanish, French, German, and others)

    • Video training series for clinicians

    • How to refer clients to local Seeking Safety treatment

    • Becoming or finding a contact person for Seeking Safety in your area

    • About Lisa Najavits and associates

  • Outcomes 

    • Results of Seeking Safety studies thus far

    • Your research

    • Grant materials

  • Articles (downloadable articles on Seeking Safety, trauma and substance abuse, and other topics)

  • Training (calendar of trainings and information on how to set up a training or consultation)

  • FAQ (frequently asked questions about the model)

  • Assessment (the Seeking Safety Adherence Scale, and links to other measures)

  • Order (how to order resources for implementing the model)

  • Forum (post your questions, ideas, and comments on use of Seeking Safety)

  • Contact

    • How to contact Lisa Najavits or obtain further information related to this site

    • Your feedback